What Computer Repair services does Nerdcore computers service centre offer for Small IT Business Support.
Server Repairs & Installations
Windows Server | Windows Server Infrastructure

Windows Server is designed to power a businessís growing technology infrastructure. With a wide variety of features, Windows Server can power file storage, applications, enterprise-level management and communications. The platform has existed for well over a decade and continually introduces improvements for optimal networking, security and server stability.
Advanced Security Features

Windows Server takes security seriously. The security features built-in to a server platform serve as a core defense against data breaches, hacks and even data theft from employees. Some of the top security features include:

Credential guard, including remote guard
Advanced administrative options
Shielded virtual machines
Enhanced threat detection
Device guard
Windows Defender

Software-Defined Vs. Cloud
Windows Server supports both software-defined and cloud installations. With the release of Windows 2016, both options have more powerful features than ever before. Please note that Windows Server 2008 and 2012 are still widely used. Some of the more notable new and improved features include:

Full support of Linux and FreeBSD workloads
Improved server management tools
Nano Server installation option (considered a base version of Windows Server)
VM load balancing
Hot add/remove for physical resources
Software load balancer
Micro segmentation for networking
Network controller
Windows Server containers (cloud-based)
Storage health monitoring
Persistent memory (improves application performance)
Hyper-V containers (cloud-based)

If youíd like to learn more about how Windows Server improves the management of your IT infrastructure, contact us today. Even if youíre just considering upgrading to the latest version, contact us to find out if itís the right move for your business.
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Strategic IT Planning and Development
We make sure your technology stays relevant to your business helping to implement YOUR ideas and vision!
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We're a team of close knit experts who get to know your business, your people and your systems inside out.
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Fast Emergency Response Guaranteed
We know when you need IT Support, you need it fast - so we guarantee 30 minutes or less response times.

Complete New Office Network Setup / Home Or Business / POS Systems
Laptop Repairs Melbourne
Macbook Pro Repairs
Imac Repairs Melbourne
apple mac repairs & service
Desktop Computer Repairs
Pc Fixing
IT Business Support
Printer Networking Configuration
Specific Hard Ware Installation/Setup/Tutorial
Virus Protection Setup/Licensing
Data Recovery/Protection & Storage Setup
Setup Wireless Connections
New Modem Installation/ Adsl + Adsl2+ Vdsl + Nbn + Dial up
Tcp/ip Conflict and access issues
Vpn + Port Forwarding
Voice over Ip setup and Troubleshooting
Spamming Email Control and Ip Blocking of annoying daily emails
Computer repairs for specific server platforms
Virus Removal
Malware Removal
Protection Software
Remove Spyware
Rootkit Removal
Remove Popups
Apple Macbook Repair
Desktop Mac Tuneup
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Desktop & Laptop SD Card Reader Repairs
Broken Screen Repair
Desktop & Laptop CPU / Processor Repairs
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Desktop & Laptop RAM Upgrade & Repair
Printer / Scanner / Fax Repair
Desktop & Laptop Motherboard Repair
Desktop & Laptop Hardware Repair
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Desktop & Laptop Network Card Repair
Desktop & Laptop Hard Drive Repair
Desktop & Laptop Power Supply Repair
Desktop & Laptop Fan Replacement
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